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Teneika has supported various consulting firms and continues to provide analytics, project management and system implementation support. Ready to create an insight driven organization or upskill your data analytics skills? Let me help you.




Teneika provides functional and technical expertise for implementing Analytics, Oracle or SAP applications including any relative solution design, business process analysis, system integration support and builds out financial reports and dashboards. She regularly interacts with OCFOs to deliver solutions leveraging Agile and Scrum methodologies. She serves as an Agile Expert and a liaison between end users, product owners and developers. 


Teneika has also built prototype Intelligent Chat Bots using PypeStream, Python, Natural Language Toolkit (NLKT) to do machine translation and text summarization and serves as PMO for multiple proposals and ensures timely delivery of high quality, compliant, and competitive proposals.

Booz Allen



Teneika interacted with clients to analyze business processes, gather and define requirements and identify areas where data can be used to improve audit-related financial reporting and  implement innovative data solutions using SAP BI. Through the process of implementing a SAP BI solution, Teneika created he data dictionary and detailed design, including the data flow diagrams, ETL process and database support documentation for all data request for FMO-NBIS change requests. 


Teneika also designed multiple logical data models and integrated each into a single data model to prototype data solutions for SABRS, STARS-FL, STARS-HCM, and Navy ERP data based on requirements. For her protoypes she parsed and reformatted data in Power BI to meet customer specifications for legacy data and developed reports and queries in MS Access and Tableau to meet product requirements. 


June 2016

Teneika supported development of a business incubator for young entrepreneurs by providing programmatic planning, coaching and technical expertise. She also coached 13 clients on honing in on strengths and weaknesses to effectively develop skills in marketing, pitching, event logistics, and development of an e-commerce website for a small business.​.


Teneika aided The Strengths Lab and Clifton Foundation by restructuring “” website and built “”. Launching a ecommerce platform allowed the students to sell 38% of their shirts prior to the showcase. She also migrated “” to AWS Lightsail, set up SSL and provides support of G-Suite domain configuration and email administration and setup of Google for Nonprofits.

BiCTech (2018) and Ribbons of Beauty (2014)





Teneika founded BiCTech to provide women the needed social capital to succeed as an entrepreneur. 





Serves as an Executive Director and lead mentor for Ribbons of Beauty's “Education, College, and Career Prep (ECCP)” program. 

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